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Posted by on Jun 19, 2016 in Business Tips, mentoring, Uncategorized |

3 Tips To Mentor And Manage Your Remote Telecommuting Employees

3 Tips To Mentor And Manage Your Remote Telecommuting Employees

The amount of remote workers in modern businesses is increasing day-by-day and so is their importance in our daily operations. With all the advantages and benefits these virtual staffs are providing, managing them is still a struggle for many companies. In order to control them properly and at the same time maximize your productivity some techniques are very important. Hence, here are 3 tips for mentoring your remote telecommuting employees.

1. Focus on Results and Discuss Your Needs

employee telecommutePeople working from home in their pajamas don’t like to manage their time. They don’t like to follow the clock and this is the reason they are remote workers in the first place. Hence, don’t expect from them to perfectly manage their time. Instead, focus on the result and see the efficiency and the quality they are providing. The way they are doing is not important as long as they are doing their job perfectly. If your remote employee is on hourly pay, then this can be a problem. Therefore, always hire per-project basis employees and keep your policies crystal clear.

The tasks that are required urgently shouldn’t be sent to remote workers and they might not be available at that time. This mistake is made by most of the companies. The needs are not clarified and explained properly before sending the assignments and this is the main reason of all the problems. Hence, always discuss your needs and what you want. Your remote employees should know your aim so that they can work with a proper understanding and deliver the assignments 100% efficient.

2. Be in Contact and Appreciate Their Talent

It’s easy to forget about your remote employees while morale-boosting events or celebrating a party at your office if you see them once a month. Be in touch with them by some means or other. Skype or similar methods are best to do so and if they are within reasonable distance, then meeting them in the office will be very good. This increases their motivation and reinforces their commitment towards work and in this way they provide some extra effort on your behalf.

tele-commutingIt is easy to say just ‘thank you’ after getting the job done, but there are many better ways to appreciate their talent, especially when a very good job is done by them. Send them your company newsletter explaining the help they provided and how everyone in the office is happy with their work. This kind of encouragement will make them feel appreciated and will make them increase their work input.

3. Provide Mentoring

Every appreciates if their career is moving forward, especially remote employees working from their home or whatever place they like best. Paying them well is one thing, but taking your time personally to instruct and mentor them is the best solution for long-term relationship. Every employee will like to have a personal mentor who will help them to reach their goals. Considering them as your friend instead of just someone who works for you, will make them more loyal towards you and will be very helpful down the road.

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Ways to save costs in a small business office

Ways to save costs in a small business office

Operating a small business may require many costs, some unhidden which if not taken care of could lead to losses to a small business owner. Cost cutting measures are essential especially when revenues are down. Some of the ways to cut cost of small business office are highlighted in this article.

Utilize Modern Marketing Techniques

Avoiding old fashioned or traditional advertising – a small business should use low-cost alternatives that may include internet marketing and internet advertising. Public Relations is more effective in reaching customers and instead of the small business employing many workers to aid in advertising, they can instead utilize the internet for inbound marketing. It greatly cuts the cost of the office.

Seek Assistance from Outside Your Organization

Out sourcing- outsourcing is a very important strategy of cutting the costs of running a small business office. Employees’ costs like salaries, insurance and office space play a big role in chunking off the budget of a small business office.

Never Forget The Power of Negotiation

NegotiationNegotiating with suppliers and vendors and buying in bulk– tough times require tough measures. Small businesses can be frustrated with tough economic times. To save office cost the owner can negotiate lower prices with the vendors. Remember that the vendors are also undergoing tough times and are human too. Losing a loyal and longtime customer is not something that happens often. Take your chance and make it work. The bills may range from telephone bills to office supplies like inkjet cartridges.

Upgrade Your Tech

Upgrade to cloud services – this is a very effective measure that can be used by a small business to reduce operational costs of an office. The owner needs to avoid purchasing expensive hardware and instead host data using cloud-based services. Some of the software include Salesforce, Staffmate and PayCycle.

Reduce Expenses, Requirements, & Go Green

Cutting ExpensesReducing unnecessary employees’ expenses – a small business owner should focus on reviewing his expenditure to make sure that office costs are cut. It is also important to note that cutting off employees doesn’t necessarily mean that costs will be reduced.
Using telecommuting – this can be a huge money saver for a small business. Employees communicate virtually thus saving office space. This can be used by either the entire staff or part of it.

Going green – a small business can make this possible by simple things like turning off electronics when not in use and using modern printers that save on paper waste. Reducing energy use in small office saves costs in return. These environmentally friendly upgrades are a smart Public Relations move other than being an effective financial cost cutting move.

Reducing Job Requirements – hiring highly experienced people require that they be paid well. This in turn will strain the budget of a small business. A small business owner can therefore opt to hire qualified but inexperienced people like fresh graduates. They are normally quick to learn and can be paid entry-level salary. Interns can also be a useful lot in cost cutting measures in the office.

Additional Tips

Negotiating with the landlord who owns the office space – a small business owner can begin lease renegotiations with the landlord. Rent is one of the major challenges facing a small business. Speedy payments can put you in a better position to negotiate.

Cutting down maintenance – some small businesses use the services of office cleaning companies. Instead of the cleaning services companies performing their duties daily, they can do this on a weekly basis. Employees need to empty their own trash.


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These Business Tips Will Change Your Life!

These Business Tips Will Change Your Life!

Running a business is not easy, but luckily for you there are so many people with more experience than you who are willing to share their stories about the journey they had to take in order to become successful in their business. Beginning a business can be scary, but there is no place for fear, dear, just read and implement these tips!You are your business and this is what you have to be like and how to behave if you want to succeed in owning your own business.
Be Present – Be Available!

On the off chance that you need to grow or combine your business, connect with your customers and clients by utilizing online networking. These days, it is anything but difficult to utilize online networking further bolstering your good fortune in beginning a business.

Illuminate yourself on advertising abilities and how to utilize online networking so as to extend or advance a little business and afterward utilize this information to advance your business.

Utilize the online networking that you know will pull in you the right customers for your business. Advise your companions to bolster you, similar to your pages, tweet about your business or retweet your tweets, and you will perceive how soon it will extend. Be available in the online networking every day and attempt to keep your profiles dynamic and avant-garde.

Appreciate Others
In the event that you need your customers to like you, tail you, and return for your administrations, ensure they are valued. You could take a stab at sending manually written cards to say thanks, or cards, or a week by week messages to remind them what is happening with your organization. Whatever methodology you take after ensure that it will make your customers feel educated and acknowledged. This will consequently give you a lot of fulfilled clients that will suggest you.

Supportive Of Others
Think about supporting as an occasion or a cause, or significantly think about arranging as an occasion or a cause. This will demonstrate that you and your organization truly think about something and it will likewise draw new clients. Toss in a couple fun exercises or compensates that can be gotten and you will in a matter of moments grow and advance your business in a fun and easy way.
Be Assertive And Confident!

It is anything but difficult to slide into depressive musings on the off chance that everything is not running easily, but rather recall that all business have harsh patches, particularly at the outset. Keep in mind why you began it in any case and keep in your brain a reasonable vision of where you need your business to go.

On the off chance that you figure out how to stick through the unpleasant times, achievement will without a doubt take after, in any case in the event that you surrender at an opportune time, you will never know.

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