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Posted by on Jun 16, 2016 in Business Tips, Cost Cutting, Supportive, Uncategorized |

Ways to save costs in a small business office

Ways to save costs in a small business office

Operating a small business may require many costs, some unhidden which if not taken care of could lead to losses to a small business owner. Cost cutting measures are essential especially when revenues are down. Some of the ways to cut cost of small business office are highlighted in this article.

Utilize Modern Marketing Techniques

Avoiding old fashioned or traditional advertising – a small business should use low-cost alternatives that may include internet marketing and internet advertising. Public Relations is more effective in reaching customers and instead of the small business employing many workers to aid in advertising, they can instead utilize the internet for inbound marketing. It greatly cuts the cost of the office.

Seek Assistance from Outside Your Organization

Out sourcing- outsourcing is a very important strategy of cutting the costs of running a small business office. Employees’ costs like salaries, insurance and office space play a big role in chunking off the budget of a small business office.

Never Forget The Power of Negotiation

NegotiationNegotiating with suppliers and vendors and buying in bulk– tough times require tough measures. Small businesses can be frustrated with tough economic times. To save office cost the owner can negotiate lower prices with the vendors. Remember that the vendors are also undergoing tough times and are human too. Losing a loyal and longtime customer is not something that happens often. Take your chance and make it work. The bills may range from telephone bills to office supplies like inkjet cartridges.

Upgrade Your Tech

Upgrade to cloud services – this is a very effective measure that can be used by a small business to reduce operational costs of an office. The owner needs to avoid purchasing expensive hardware and instead host data using cloud-based services. Some of the software include Salesforce, Staffmate and PayCycle.

Reduce Expenses, Requirements, & Go Green

Cutting ExpensesReducing unnecessary employees’ expenses – a small business owner should focus on reviewing his expenditure to make sure that office costs are cut. It is also important to note that cutting off employees doesn’t necessarily mean that costs will be reduced.
Using telecommuting – this can be a huge money saver for a small business. Employees communicate virtually thus saving office space. This can be used by either the entire staff or part of it.

Going green – a small business can make this possible by simple things like turning off electronics when not in use and using modern printers that save on paper waste. Reducing energy use in small office saves costs in return. These environmentally friendly upgrades are a smart Public Relations move other than being an effective financial cost cutting move.

Reducing Job Requirements – hiring highly experienced people require that they be paid well. This in turn will strain the budget of a small business. A small business owner can therefore opt to hire qualified but inexperienced people like fresh graduates. They are normally quick to learn and can be paid entry-level salary. Interns can also be a useful lot in cost cutting measures in the office.

Additional Tips

Negotiating with the landlord who owns the office space – a small business owner can begin lease renegotiations with the landlord. Rent is one of the major challenges facing a small business. Speedy payments can put you in a better position to negotiate.

Cutting down maintenance – some small businesses use the services of office cleaning companies. Instead of the cleaning services companies performing their duties daily, they can do this on a weekly basis. Employees need to empty their own trash.